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Emperor Star




"Emperor Star" Zhao Ruliang is a current player who has won: 2020 "Qiao's Cup" Chinese Billiards Masters Tournament (Qinhuangdao Station) runner-up; 2020 Qiao's Chinese Billiards Global International Masters Tournament third place; 2020 "Star - 2020 "Star - Kangxi Shengshi - Valojia" Cup Chinese Billiards Elite Tour Tournament; 2020 Chinese Nine Ball World King Tournament runner-up; 2021 Joe's 100 Cities Battle (Shanghai) Zhong Dingxuan third place; 2021 Shanghai Zhong Dingxuan Chinese Billiards Open Handicap Tournament champion; 2021 Chinese Billiards Masters Tournament (Guangzhou) runner-up; 2021 Zhuhai Faken Chinese Billiards Open Champion; 2021 Chinese Billiards Masters Tournament (Nanning Station) Champion; 2021 Star-Kangxi Shengshi-Varogia Cup Chinese Billiards Elite Tournament 4th Station Champion; 2022 Qiao Cup Chinese Billiards Masters Super Station Tournament (Shandong Heze Station) Champion



【Model】: A01

【Length】: 737mm

【Grip diameter】: 28.9mm

【Weight】: 18-20 oz

【Tooth connection】: Radial Pin titanium core

【Material】: The bottom wood is tabby maple wood, inlaid with ebony and abalone shellfish

【Counterweight system】: Adjustable weight, center of gravity, built-in anti-counterfeiting NFC chip at the bottom

Emperor Star




Dragon's Teeth