What role does the right club play?

Billiard cue cue head said that a qualified cue, can provide equipment support for the billiard game, a strong guarantee of the smooth implementation of the game.

1. Stiffness. Hardness can be said to be a basic indicator of BOO billiard cue, in order to ensure the stability of the hitting ball and reduce the deviation of the hitting ball. The hardness of the cue is determined by the feel of the cue, by hitting the ball with force and seeing if the cue vibrates or shakes.

2. Toughness. And toughness, I should say, is a comprehensive indicator, but for the better understanding of golfers, it is reluctantly discussed separately: toughness, in order to ensure control of the white ball, mainly in a straight line. Hardness is mentioned above, but a stiff shaft makes it more difficult to control the white ball, so toughness is needed to match the increased contact time between the white ball and the leather head. This means that the white ball will fly away when hit by the club and the toughness of the club will give the white ball a cushion and allow the leather head to 'bite' the white ball. This is why the length of the hold is tested by releasing the ball.

3. Flexibility. Flexibility is the guarantee of control over the white ball. Generally speaking, flexibility depends on the number of revolutions of the white ball (the number of revolutions of the white ball is also determined by the "engagement" time of the club and the ball as mentioned above). A light push with a high club, a low club, a downward cork, etc. will show the spin of the white ball and the elasticity of the club.

4. Club power. The power of the ball is a very important aspect. Club power is a combination of the above points, with all aspects working together. When the ball is strong it saves power, reduces errors caused by force and increases the range of travel of the white ball. Testing is mainly focused on the travel position of the white ball, the travel range of the white ball with a strong pull, the near linear but non-linear sharp stop at medium and long distances, and the travel stability of the white ball at medium and long distances with a high stick.

5. Power transmission. Power transmission permeability can increase the feel of the shot and is an indicator of BOO's billiard cue detection interface technology. Generally when hitting the ball, feel the grip of the cue, whether the transmission of the reaction force is clear and listen to the sound of the hitting ball is crisp and clear. Look at the swing of the cue head: the smaller the amplitude, the harder the cue head; the higher the frequency, the more flexible the cue; the longer the time, the better the transfer of force.

 6. Deflection. Stuffing down, combined with its own smoothness, can cause the white ball to run off as it travels. Although this inevitably requires us to adjust ourselves when aiming at the ball, the offset caused by the billiard cue can vary, so the offset can be used as a reference for selection in a cue of equal quality. You can usually observe the accuracy by hitting the ball with short force, or by hitting the ball with a cork from a distance at medium speed to observe the position of the white ball.

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Summary :

Billiard cue cue head said that a qualified cue, can provide equipment support for the billiard game, a strong guarantee of the smooth implementation of the game.





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